Kamala Harris Tells Indian Americans To Fight Hatred

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Indian-origin US Senator Kamala Harris has advised Indian-American politicians to speak the truth. She has also urged the politicians to join the “collective fight” against bigotry, hatred and the growing anti-immigrant sentiment in America. Harris was speaking at an event organized by the Indian American Impact project on June 7.

She addressed a gathering of over 200 Indian-American candidates, which included elected officials, philanthropists, community leaders and other interested parties. The first Black woman California has sent to the Senate called on them to seek inspiration from their native countries.

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She said, “Let’s speak the truth. This country was founded by immigrants. Unless you’re native American or your ancestors were kidnapped and brought over on a slave ship, you people are immigrants.”

“It’s a collective fight,” she said.

Harris spoke about her family. She shared that her mother was born in India.

Reminiscing about her grandfather, who was a freedom fighter, she said, “I’m trying to remember what some of the slogans were when my grandfather participated in India’s independence because I am sure that some of those apply to what is going on with today’s world.”

Harris told the leaders to think what will provide a better future for the country they are in. She suggested looking at the perspective of the countries of their origin. However, ultimately think of the ways that can provide a better future for the country they are residing in.

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New Jersey Senator Cory Booker talked about the presence of Indian Americans in different leadership activities except for the elected officials.

Booker said, “From tech to the arts to business, Indian-American dominance is helping America, but the one area that we have to lead into and deeper engage is in that civic space for the policy where ideas are being shaped.”

“The summit was the first-ever event of its kind,” said Gautam Raghavan of the recently-formed Impact Project. Gautam is keeping a track of about 80 Indian Americans running nationwide this election season. He shares how things have changed and a lot of enthusiasm can be seen in the people. He emphasizes the changes in these years.

Gautam said, “Whereas 10 years ago you found that people were very reluctant to think about running for office, now there’s a sense that it is possible for Indian-Americans who run for office.”

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