Poster Girl For Congress Election Campaign In UP Alleges Ticket Distribution Was Rigged

Dr Priyanka Maurya
The poster girl for Congress Party’s election campaign in Uttar Pradesh, Dr Priyanka Maurya has alleged that the process of ticket distributions was rigged.

Priyanka Maurya is the Vice President of the Mahila Congress in Uttar Pradesh and was seen on the posters of the party’s “Ladki Hoon Lad Sakti Hoon” campaign for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls 2022. She alleged that the party used her face, her name and 10 lakh rupees for the social media campaign but did not give her the ticket.

She said, “This is injustice. It is all pre-decided. I did not get the ticket because I am an OBC [Other Backward Classes] girl and could not bribe Priyanka Gandhi’s secretary Sandeep Singh.”

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The Congress campaign spearheaded by party leader Priyanka Gandhi focuses on women’s issues in the state ahead of the polls. Priyanka Maurya wanted to contest the elections from Lucknow’s Sarojini Nagar area but the Congress party gave ticket to Rudra Daman Singh for the constituency. The party released its first list of 125 candidates for the elections in Uttar Pradesh.

While speaking to ANI, Maurya said, “I’m sad that despite my hard work in the constituency, I didn’t get the ticket for UP assembly polls. My face was used in ‘Ladki Hoon Lad Sakti Hoon’ campaign. I received a landline call & caller asked me for money for ticket but I was denied.”

She also claimed to have completed all the tasks given to her by the Congress party but “he ticket was pre-planned and was given to a person who came just a month back”. She added, ” I want to send this message to Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi that this type of work is happening on the ground.”

Maurya accused the Congress party of wanting the votes of OBC people but denying ticket to the people of community like herself. Maurya is a doctor who does social work and is associated with many non-government organisations. She claimed that the “observers recommended her named she was not given the ticket to contest the elections.