Priyanka Gandhi Raps UP Govt. On Crimes Against Women, Children

Congress general secretary in charge of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka Gandhi questioned the UP governments inefficiency in lowering the rate of crimes against women and children.

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Congress general secretary in charge of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka Gandhi on Thursday posted a tweet with various headline of crimes against women and children in UP in the recent while. She urged the state government to take matters in hand and ensure safety for women and children residing in the state.


“In Uttar Pradesh, innocents are being molested, women are being pushed into a life of fear, men are being burnt alive, but the administration can’t see anything. When will the UP government start taking responsibility for the security of women and children?” she tweeted.

The top news clipping in the photo collage that she posts on her Twitter account was of UP Bar Council’s first female president Darvesh Yadav being shot dead in broad daylight during her welcome ceremony. The tweet also included news clippings of a female BDC member being burnt alive in Aligarh, gang rape of a woman after the perpetrators took her husband on gunpoint in Ramgarh, rape of an eight years old girl in Bareilly, woman compelled to visit police station several times to get FIR of gang rape lodged in Badaun etc.

When will the UP government start taking responsibility for the security of women and children? - Priyanka Gandhi

By posting the tweet, Gandhi took a direct shot at UP CM Yogi Adityanath who hasn’t been able to bring down the soaring crime rate in the state.

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Mayawati also joined Gandhi in criticizing UP government on its inability to lower down crime rates in the state. She also tweeted on Thursday, “The UP government has failed in ensuring safety and honor of people living in the state. It has also supported all kinds of unjust activities. It has tried to pass new laws which have only strengthened the authority of state police on people while distracting them all at once.”

She also tweeted about the caste-based atrocities happening in Gujarat under the BJP-NDA government.

Darvesh Yadav’s murder has led advocate Indu Kaul to file a PIL in the Supreme Court to see CBI inquiry into the case and urge safety and security measures for women advocates. Speaking to SheThePeople.TV on the issue of women advocates' safety Kaul had said, "If somebody gets raped or sexually harassed then where should the woman go? For the new generation now becoming a lawyer entails a five years course. Most of the parents prefer law as a noble profession and with these types of cases happening in this profession as well as much as women are harassed in every other profession; it will only suppress women entering the legal profession. Then in this profession, if somebody reaches the level of Darvesh and breaks the glass ceiling for women, it hurts the male ego and then the woman becomes prey to such incidents."

Recently, extreme violence against children used to settle cases amongst adults has become a huge issue in the state. A two-year-old girl Twinkle Sharma was mutilated and murdered and thrown in the garbage pile in Aligarh earlier this month. After that, around 10 cases of atrocities against children have been reported just from Uttar Pradesh in the media.

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