Primark Receives Praise For Using Amputee Model

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Primark amputee model

Models with ‘perfect bodies’ usually set the benchmark in fashion. However, Primark is breaking that trend. The retail giant is gaining a lot of praise online after releasing its latest Instagram image. In their latest ad campaign, the retailer has an amputee model promoting its new clothing line.


The fashion retailer recently shared an image of Kelly Knox, a model with a missing forearm. Kelly, mum-of-one and a successful model, was born without a part of her left arm.

Kelly has starred in the shoot in various outfits for the popular clothes shop. She has previously walked runways at New York and London Fashion Week. She looked gorgeous in a leopard print skirt and yellow top.

Fans have flooded Primark’s Instagram page with praise. The photo has received more than 114,000 likes.

Taking to Instagram, one user commented, “Thank you so much Primark, as I am a model in a wheelchair myself, showing diversity is such an important mission!”

Another commented, "Brilliant diversity and inclusion within the modelling agency. Well done."


Speaking about the success of the campaign, Kelly said, “I feel so lucky and grateful to be represented by a major agency who believes in me and my beauty. Who believes in the power and strength of diversity and is passionate about challenging beauty ideals and breaking barriers in the industry.”

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34-year-old Kelly said that she’s a size 10, not a typical size 4-6, which is another obstacle in her modelling career than her missing limb.

She explained: “Sometimes when I’ve gone to a casting, it’s not my missing arm that’s bothered me as much, it’s the fact I’ve been a few sizes bigger than most of the models.

Adding to it, she said, “I’m a size 10 and a lot of the others are size 6 or even smaller. It’s another barrier really - I’m not a curve model but I’m not a straight model, so I’m somewhere in-between.”

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She said that she didn’t get such opportunities at the beginning of her career and it took her nine years to get to the position she is now. She said, “It’s taken me nine years to get where I am now. Only last year I was signed by my agency MiLK, and I feel so happy and grateful.

“To land this Primark campaign is really good. It takes a big brand to take someone on like me for the world to wake up a bit and think, ‘Oh yeah, disability isn’t so scary’.”

Kelly is incredibly ambitious. She faced problems as a teenager. However, she never gave up. She said that she’s keen for the modelling industry to embrace diversity. She said, "I am determined to change people's perceptions about disability - to shine my light onto the world."

"Beauty is not one dimensional. It is time to stop aspiring to perfection. It is time to support and empower each other, relishing in every so-called flaw or imperfection," said Kelly.

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