Check Out This Pre-Baby Bucket List For ‘Would-Be’ Parents

Having kids no doubt is a selfless feeling only a parent can understand. You re-live your life through their joys and sorrows. And the little one’s well-being and happiness become your ultimate goal. But before you take the final plunge, you should enjoy your ‘twosome’ status to the hilt. Here is a pre-baby bucket list for today’s ‘would-be’ parents which they should savour before becoming a trio.

  • Travel, Travel & Travel

This point tops the list of most couples —  newlyweds and parents-to-be across the world. You can and should travel as much as possible before the arrival of the little one. The romance and memories of freedom are much more in couples without kids as compared to couples travelling with kids. Obviously, couples enjoy more intimate time with each other without having the guilt of leaving the child back at home or otherwise.

  • Make instant trips

Make a spontaneous plan! Drop everything and go for a road trip or weekend getaway. After having a kid, your chances of having such quick trips decrease. You get involved in various activities after having a kid and your priorities also change.

  • Party like a pro

It may seem a little selfish, but you will definitely miss your late-nights and crazy parties once you become a parent. Before embarking on years of kid-centric celebrations, you should definitely attend and throw some adults-only bash!

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  • Establish your career

Before becoming a parent, establish your career so that you can provide a comfortable life to your little one. If you are already facing financial crisis, then having a child won’t be a good idea. Take some time in building a life of your own so that you can live the life you deserve.

  • Turn your house into a home

Home is not just four walls; it is two eyes and a heartbeat. Whether you own or rent, you might want to spend some time with your partner, making your dwelling feel like your home with personal touches or certain renovations.

Having a kid of your own is a responsibility and it is better when it is shared. Your priorities will change after you become a parent, so you should definitely invest your time in introspecting and creating a memorable journey.

Sonakshi Goel is an intern with SheThePeople.TV