Police Inspectors Help Pregnant Woman Reach Hospital During Night Curfew

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Police Inspectors Help Pregnant Woman: Two police officers in Mangaluru district gave a lift to a pregnant woman and her husband on Sunday in their patrol vehicle and helped her reach a private hospital in time. The woman gave birth to a baby boy on Sunday morning.

Assistant Sub-Inspector Harish K. and Police Constable Vijaykumar V. of Mangaluru Police Station were on patrolling duty when they saw a pregnant woman, her husband and two other family members stranded at Yashashwini Hall near Arkula Gate area at 1:30 am on Sunday. The couple had come from Guruvanayakere in their personal vehicle which had broken down.

Inspector Harish said, “The pregnant woman was in pain and her three family members were in tension without finding any help.” The police officers then asked the woman to rest in their patrolling vehicle and informed the control room about her situation. Instead of waiting for the ambulance, they themselves took her to a private hospital at Kuntikana junction, Police Commissioner N. Shashi Kumar said. Kumar appreciated the two officers and felicitated them.

While speaking to the reporters, the police commissioner showed the newborn baby’s picture and shared that the woman and her child are both safe. He said, ” The safe delivery of the child brings so much joy.” Deputy Commissioner of Police Vinay Gaonker was also present at the media briefing.

Earlier today another police officer from Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind district announced that he will invite the bride and groom to his house for a dinner treat if they have 10 or fewer guests at their wedding. He did so to encourage people to follow COVID-19 protocols in public gatherings. According to the state SOP, weddings should have only up to 50 guests.

The police officer said that he was informed about two weddings on April 30 in which the couple has decided to keep their guest list limited to 10 people. He said if it goes as the couple has claimed, he will invite them home for dinner. Read more on the story here.