Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for a ‘mahashakti jagran’ for hope in his third address linked to the coronavirus in India. Modi praised citizens for showing restraint and said India was now ‘setting an example for the world’, however he didn’t give any detailed updates on the efforts to control the spread of the disease in India.

  • We will on Sunday 5th April, ‘caution’ coronavirus. We will, as 130 crore people in India, do a ‘mahashakti jagran.’ This will take place on 5th April at 9 pm. For full 9 minutes, we will do use lamps, and make any effort to bring ‘prakash’ into our lives and against coronavirus. This will be by using diyas, lights, mobile torches and more. People will not congregate for this. Please do this at home, in your balconies.
  • We have to move from darkness to light
  • We are home by ourselves but you are not alone. The entire country is with you.
  • Citizens should not break social distancing norms
  • Thanks for showing discipline and staying at home
  • India has set an example for others to follow
  • The poorest of our country, we need to give them hope to fight and prevent coronavirus
  • India is united in this effort against coronavirus

PM was expected to share updates on the coronavirus situation but did not give any comments on that. The PM has addressed the country twice since the COVID-19 pandemic started spreading in India. Today was his third address to talk to public and rally their support and solidarity during the current lockdown.


March 19th: He announced that the country needed to stay home on March 23rd Sunday and maintain a lockdown.  This was termed the janata curfew from 7am to 9pm to test the giant country’s ability to take tough measures against what he then referred to as a growing “crisis”.

March 24: In the second address on March 24, he announced a national lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19. This was a three week nationwide lockdown across India. “There will all efforts by the government to contain people movement,” he said in the light of the coronavirus spread.

India has over 50 deaths linked to COVID-19 and now over 2000 cases. 156 people have recovered from coronavirus in India so far. Among the states, Maharashtra is the worst hit where the virus has been widespread.

PM Modi has been using social media and his videos to ask citizens to maintain social distancing and ensure they stay home.

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