Nationwide lockdown for three weeks: PM Narendra Modi

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PM Narendra Modi announced a three week nationwide lockdown across India for three weeks. There will all efforts by the government to contain people movement he said in his second address to the nation in the light of the coronavirus spread. Here are the highlights from his speech:

  1. Lockdown necessary to contain spread and save lives
  2. Next 21 days are critical for India to contain coronavirus
  3. Our lives could be devastated
  4. Imagine how quickly this coronavirus is spreading, it's been observed that when it does spread, it's very hard to lock its spread.
  5. We don't have another choice except the lockdown
  6. We have to pledge to not exit our homes, no matter what.
  7. Social distancing is a must for everyone from PM to the citizens in rural India
  8. Italy or America, all their health systems, their hospitals are all considered the best. Their standards of facilities are excellent but the fact they too have not been able to contain the virus, then what are their options? What is the solution to the virus?
  9. This is the time for us to showcase our calm and patience
  10. "Jaan hai to jahan hai." If you have life, you have the world
  11. Till the time we have a lockdown in India, we need to exercise our promise to stay in
  12. We should salute all the people, like doctors, health assistants, society staff and others who are busy working 24 hours.
  13. Think about the media, who are taking risks, and going out there to report.
  14. This is a very difficult time for the poor of this currently. People from different parts of the society to help these people.
  15. It will be our collective efforts that will succeed.
  16. ICU Beds, ventilaters, medical and paramedical manpower and other efforts will be made starting right away.
  17. Our states will only give priority to healthcare needs, that's my request to them
  18. I expect our private sector to make special efforts to support the nation. I expect private labs and private hospitals to come ahead and support us in such a time.
  19. I request our citizens to not take any medicine without doctors permissions. Do not attend to rumours which are quick to spread
  20. People are expected to follow all rules of the central government over the next three weeks of the lockdown.
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