Paralysed UP Principal Who Ran School From Bed Dies

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Paralysed principal dies

The death of 64-year-old Uma Sharma, principal of a school in Saharanpur, has left thousands of parents, students and teachers teary -eyed. Though suffering from paralysis for nearly a decade, Sharma administered the school with the help of technology from her sick bed.


The principal would monitor activities through CCTV cameras installed all over the premises. She would even interact with students using her tablet or would invite them at her home to know about the activities that were taking place at school.

Her daughter told TOI that she was as strong as Stephen Hawking.

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Changing setbacks into comebacks

Uma lost her husband in 1991 and her only son in 2001. In 2010, she lost her youngest daughter Richa. In 2009, she suffered partial paralysis. Her condition deteriorated with time but she continued to administer the school she had founded in 1989.


Uma's other daughter Neha Sharma remarked that these setbacks proved to be great comebacks for her mother.

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Uma had enrolled herself at the Maharani Laxmibai Medical College in Jhansi but had to discontinue as she got married six months after joining the course. She resumed her studies after marriage and earned a postgraduate studies in Literature and a BEd degree later. She also started a kindergarten school in 1989, which is now a full-fledged school with 600 students and classes up to VIII.

Uma Sharma's death is definitely a huge loss to the world. She has, however, left a great legacy of hard work and perseverance and encouraged thousands to never give up on their dreams despite setbacks.

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