Teachers turned Tech entrepreneurs: The mother daughter team of Rama and Shashi Pandey

Former teachers, the mother daughter duo of Rama and Shashi Pandey established Infinity Mobile technology after retirement.

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Rama and Shashi Pandey

If you thought retirement was about kicking up your heels and relaxing, well this mother-daughter duo will change your perception completely. Rama and Shashi Pandey decided that age, gender and being from a small town would be no bar to their start-up story. May marks 1 year of their Company Infinite Mobility Technology, based out of Bhilwara Rajasthan. Shashi Pandey shares their journey and her experience of working with her mother Rama SheThePeople.TV


The germination of the business idea

At the outset it was my mother’s idea to start something, if not exactly this company. Right after her retirement as school principal, she wanted to devote her spare time to something constructive.She discussed this idea with me, it didn't take me long to become convinced of it, and helped in executing it . Finally we ended up in partnership.

Before this venture we also had book published together “Uttarakhandi Lokoktiyan”.

The Infinite Mobility expertise

Infinite Mobility Technology is a software development and Digital Advt and Media Company. As of now Mobile Marketing and Email marketing is a main source of revenue generation for us.  As an ad network, we have more than 50 million devices connected. We reach, engage and interact with the connected devices and deliver value to all our partners across the ecosystem. Approx. 200+ managed publishers covering all genres give us access to all major exchanges and networks. We provide solutions in Performance, Brands, Rich-Media and Mobile Audience segmentation. Robust Tracking and optimization with the help of Big Data Analysis help us to deliver the best in class performance.

Apart from Digital Media and email marketing division, Infinite Mobility also has a software platform (product) known as Infinite Connect (also known as i-Connect). Infinite Connect is a one of a kind digital media software product. Infinite connect is a free to use social platform for digital media professionals.

We had all the odds against us: Age, gender and the small town tag. But I had full confidence in “us” to be able to execute the idea and convince everyone.


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The biggest challenge: Convincing people

Convincing people around was a real challenge. And then the age we started was bit challenging... Meaning people expect you to rest, sit home and relax. They are quite surprised when when you’re a retired-woman and show willingness to work after 15-18 years of your retirement.

Another challenge is our non-technical background. We both are from Educational background. I’m a Professor in Teaching college and my mom Izza is also retired teacher by profession.

And another factor was coming from small town. We had all the odds against us: Age, gender and the small town tag. But I had full confidence in “us” to be able to execute the idea and convince everyone. And in the end we came up with success.

Rama with Shashi Pandey on shethepeople The mother-daughter business duo: Rama with Shashi Pandey

The mom-daughter business relationship: Infinitely rewarding


Being teachers by profession, both of us believe that there is always room for learning, in every work one initiates. Since we are the pioneer entrepreneurs in the family, so the path was never a bed of roses. Thinking of ideas is easy but the implementation part is not.

We talk and discuss the things to move forward and get involved in positive arguments too which can help us to find apt solution to the problems.

My mother Izza is meticulous in mathematics and economics. I’m cheerful and good in interpersonal skills, social engineering, human psychology and social activities. And of course, knowing each other well, really helped and worked better for business, and was the key for making all the strategies and vision. This combination is working and we’re on.

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Learning and growth: Professional and Personal

Age, retirement, small town and gender doesn’t really make any difference. Rather I would say it could be a great advantage.

We are not quite sure, if we are breaking any stereotypes, but yes our team is happy and our financial year end numbers keeping us motivated. And we are getting deep into the technology and learning new things every day.

So that means we might be doing somewhat good.


I would definitely want to add one important point  here. We both are lucky to come from same family values. Our family is educated and women liberated. Still I can say, in our case, people listen to us, participate in the ideas and take part in discussions but at the execution time they’ll say... are you serious about it... that time sometimes I realize that others are not showing much confidence.

Come out from your comfort zone, if you want to do something

Infinite Mobility Technology team Aiming for infinite success: The Infinite Mobility team

The start-up space needs gender diversity

Surely it will help a lot. As per our personal experience I can tell it would really be great if people from all genders would come forward, that will make a difference.

But we are noticing it’s already started and we are seeing lot many women entrepreneurs coming forward, and you can see their success rate is not less than anybody.

The Infinite Learning curve

Come out from your comfort zone, if you want to do something. Learning things is part of the process, you are never too old  for learning technology. Today we are in a world surrounded by technology, embrace it and keep updated all the time.

Age, gender and being from a small town could be your biggest asset to get success, just change the perception. In fact for us being from the educational background worked so well, because with teaching your passion for learning stays intact.

If you start something and people notice your interest then people come to help you for sure. The same thing happened to us as well, we are still learning each day and with each person.



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