10 Things To Know About Olivia Wilde And Florence Pugh Feud

Rumor mill has it that Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh had a falling out on sets of Wilde's directorial Don't Worry Darling.

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olivia wilde and florence pugh feud
Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh feud has been in news lately as the dispute between the director-actor duo of the recent American movie Don't Worry Darling gets new update everyday. The movie starred Florence Pugh and Harry Styles in lead roles.

The dispute between director Olivia Wilde and actor Florence Pugh is becoming more intense with each passing day. The two had publicly expressed their difference of opinion during press meets and interviews which finds its root in the alleged romance of Olivia Wilde with Harry Styles while she was still dating Jason Sudeikis.  Here's 10 things you must know about the feud.

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10 Things To Know About Olivia Wilde And Florence Pugh Feud

  1. Pugh was extremely excited to work with Olivia Wilde on Don't Worry Darling when the announcement was made in 2020. She expressed her excitement through an Instagram post, calling Wilde her idol and 'gasping' over the fact that she got to work with her and an amazing cast.
  2. The dispute between the two started during the shooting of the film and was noticed by public when Wilde got a very small mention in Pugh's gratitude post about wrapping up the shoot of the show. However, Wilde kept mentioning Pugh in posts and discussions related to the film.
  3. The cause of the rift between the actor and director is reported to be Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde's romance on the sets of Don't Worry Darling. Pugh felt uncomfortable with Wilde and Styles being all over each other and vanishing from sets often to hang around while she was still in relationship with producer and actor Jason Sudeikis who visited the sets along with couple's two children.
  4. Shia LeBeouf was originally cast for Harry Styles' role but he made a dramatic exit after which the pop-star came on-board. LeBeouf and Wilde made conflicting statement's regarding the exit. While Wilde said it was the actor's bad behaviour, LeBeouf said the reason for his exit was not getting enough time with co-stars to rehearse.
  5. Olivia Wilde called off her engagement with Jason Sudeikis in early November 2021 but there are conflicting statements about it. While some sources say that the split happened in the beginning on 2021 and the announcement came later, others say that it happened in November 2021 after she started dating Harry Styles.
  6. Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde were in a relationship for seven years and have a eight-year-old son Otis and five-year-old daughter Daisy together. When Wilde announced the split, Sudeikis was reportedly devastated as he adored her and his family was always a priority. It is also said that Wilde cheated on him with Styles which caused the split.
  7. Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde made their relationship official in January 2021 when they attended the wedding of Styles' manager and friend Jeffery Azoff together. Wilde recently received hate on social media after she announced that she was dating Styles after which Styles stepped up to defend her.
  8. Olivia Wilde reportedly focused more on Pugh's sex scenes in the movie, justifying it by saying that she felt that women pleasure requires more representation in mainstream cinema. However, Pugh called the focus on sex scenes irrelevant and it was not about seeing a world-famous pop-star going down on her.
  9. Florence Pugh backed off from any promotion related to the film post shooting and feud with Wilde. However, her team said it was due to her commitment to Dune Part Two, Denis Villeneuve’s film which is currently being shot in Budapest.
  10. Though Florence Pugh walked the red carpet for the Venice Film Festival 2022 on September 5, she will reportedly skip the press conference of Don't Worry Darling which is being premiered at the festival.
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