Kolkata Court Says Marriage Between Nusrat Jahan And Nikhil Legally Invalid

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Kolkata local court on Wednesday ruled that the marriage between actor-turned-politician Nusrat Jahan and businessman Nikhil Jail is ‘not legally valid.’

The court’s order after Jahan’s recent interview in which she said that she was ‘wrongly portrayed’ in her marriage controversy and that the marriage is invalid in India.

The Kolkata court ruled, “It is declared that the alleged marriage held on 19/06/2019 at Bodrum, Turkey in between the plaintiff and the defendant is not legally valid. The suit is, thus, disposed of on admission.” According to reports, the order was based on religious grounds as Jahan is a Muslim and Nikhil Jain is a Hindu.

Nusrat Jahan Marriage To Nikhil Jain:

Nusrat Jahan, who is a member of parliament from Trinamool Congress party, had also claimed earlier that her marriage to Jain was not registered under the Special Marriage Act and hence is invalid in India. Jahan has also accused Jain of misappropriating her funds during the marriage and after their separation. Jain had come out with his own statement after that and he called Jahan’s allegations ‘baseless, derogatory and devoid of truth’. He had then filed for the annulment of marriage.

The duo got married in 2019 in Turkey. The ceremony was an intimate affair and the couple later hosted a wedding reception in Kolkata. They had also invited West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and other celebrities from the Tollywood industry.

Nusrat Jahan is currently in a relationship with another actor-politician Yash Dasgupta. The couple had their first child in August this year named Yishaan. The child’s birth certificate was made public in which Dasgupta’s name was mentioned in the father’s column.

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