Nushrratt Bharuccha To Play Condom Salesgirl In New Film, Trolls Cross All Limits

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Actor Nushrratt Bharuccha was seen promoting her upcoming film Janhit Mein Jaari earlier this week. In a couple of posters shared on social media, she was seen with condoms as her role in the film is of a condom salesgirl. Apparently, a woman openly displaying condoms outraged many and resulted in hateful comments against the actor.

Bharuccha in her recent post spoke against the comments she has been receiving after the release of the film’s posters. In a video shared on social media, the actor said, “generally people share the best comments on their profiles but since yesterday so much has been happening with me so I decided to share the worst comments that I’ve received.” In the comments that scrolled on the video, men were seen outraging Bharuccha’s modesty, her religion was targetted, men asked her to join them in their bedroom, her body was objectified and everything wrong about the men in our society was on display. Bharuccha was showered with support from her fans and they asked her to not blur the names of the trolls and shame them in public.

Nushrratt Bharuccha Trolled

It only took two posters of a film, yet to be released, for trolls to lose their sense of decency and make the worst possible comments on a woman’s social media page. What made the users openly shame the actor? The open space of social media allows for anyone and everyone to air out their thoughts in public. While this feature has made many voice out ideas that empower and inspire others, many are using the internet to simply do shameful acts they do on streets. Cat calling, body-shaming, threatening with sexual and physical violence and shaming individuals for simply existing.

When trolls are mentioned, we like to pretend that they are some fringe elements, some bad apples ruining the atmosphere on social media but are they not part of our society? Most of the time, the trolls are real people with real social media accounts and their hateful words are the result of the problematic ideas rooted in the mindset of general public. What did Bharuccha do to have men invite her to their bed? Like most cases, here also the woman had to do nothing. Just a display of the object that protects people from sexually transmitted deceases and unwanted pregnancies started the attacks on her.

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One is compelled to ask, are men in our society so unfamiliar to the sight of a woman holding or talking about condom that they could not control themselves? Is a woman talking about anything related to sex asking for sex? What is the mindset behind shaming a woman for promoting condom?

Bharuccha seems to have the last laugh as she got more reasons to promote her film. Even at the end of the video on Instagram account, the actor said, “Bas yahi soch to badalni hai” That’s what needs to change. In the said film, the actor plays the role of a woman who sells condoms and faces societal taboos in her journey, she also had to fight her family to be able to do her job. Along with Bharuccha, Annu Kapoor, Pavail Gulati, Paritosh Tripathi and Anud Dhaka are also cast. The film is set for release on June 10 this year.