Noida Hospital Introduces Registration Desk For Trans Community

In today's news, Noida's district hospital has begun a dedicated registration desk and pharmacy counter specially catering towards the needs of patients of the transgender community.

Uma Bakshi
Aug 09, 2023 16:45 IST
Image from TimesNow

Image sourced from TimesNow.

In a welcoming move, Noida’s district hospital has started a dedicated registration desk and pharmacy counter for patients of the transgender community. 

This new inquiry wing ensures that the details of the trans patient are noted and that the pharmacy counter provides medicines prescribed by the doctors on priority. 

New Initiative

In a statement about the initiative, the Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS) of the hospital, Dr Renu Aggarwal, said that the new initiative arose after receiving complaints from the trans community about the discrimination and misbehaviour that they experience whilst registering as patients in the Outpatient Department (OPD) of the hospital.


Through this new initiative aimed at the inclusion of trans patients in a way ensuring their safety, Dr Aggarwal hopes that the low registration of trans patients will increase in the district hospital. Reena, who came to the hospital for her mother’s treatment, also agreed with Dr Aggrawal, saying that she has personally seen people cruelly treating members of the trans community whilst waiting in line for medical care. “The dedicated counter will definitely help them.”

The transgender community has at large faced multiple challenges in accessing even basic healthcare in the country. One of the biggest barriers for the Trans community to seek healthcare regimes is the societal perception towards them, which, in turn, leads to healthcare providers not giving them the fair treatment and care they rightly deserve. 

Healthcare providers opening up their doors publicly for the Trans community and talking about the issues they face is a significant way to establish the inclusivity our society talks about and claims to work towards.  

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