Elderly Woman Dies After Noida High-Rise Lift Crashes 8 Floors

A 73-year-old woman died of possible cardiac arrest on Thursday after the cable of a lift at a Noida housing complex snapped, leading to a free fall between floors, police officials said.

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In a horrific lift accident in Noida's high-rise society, a 73-year-old woman died of a possible cardiac arrest on Thursday as her housing complex's elevator collapsed 8 floors down hanging midway off the floors but not hitting the ground. The elevator in which the accident took place did not hit the ground after its cables were snapped but was hanging on the midway floors of the building. 

The society members claimed that there had always been issues with society's lifts as a similar accident happened in another tower of the same society where the lift had a free fall and was fortunately empty. 

Noida: A Woman Died After Lift Crashed

The victim was identified as Sushila Devi who was a resident of the society living with her son and daughter-in-law in Sector 137, Noida

According to the police, the victim woman was taking the lift for the 8th floor where she lived when the cables of the lift snapped resulting in the lift collapsing off the floors and hanging in between the midway. The elderly lady was alone in the lift at the time of the accident. 

The woman fainted due to the fall and had some injuries on the back of her head and some abrasions on her elbows which is expected to have caused due to the fall of the lift. The woman was rushed to the Felix Hospital in Noida where she was declared dead on arrival.

"There was no pulse and her eyelids were dilated when she was brought to the hospital, suggesting a possible cardiac arrest because of the suddenness of the event," a doctor of the Felix Hospital told Press Trust of India.


The incident took place around 4:30 pm on Thursday and the woman passed away an hour later in the hospital. Doctors tried to resuscitate the woman but failed to revive her. 

Many residents of Paras Tierra are now protesting against the management of the society to upkeep the common services of the housing society enraged by the tragic incident. Society members also demanded the president of the society resign on immediate actions.

The police had received a complaint against the Apartments Owners Association (AOA) and legal actions will be taken accordingly after further investigation, says DCP Anil Kumar Yadav. The society's president was unavailable to comment due to health issues and was rushed to the hospital as well. 

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