New York Times’ TV Ad For Golden Globe Evokes Strong Reactions

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The Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night saw actresses wearing all black in solidarity with victims of sexual assault. On the other hand, it also saw The New York Times release an ad about sexual harassment and assault during the Awards. The 30 second commercial during NBC’s coverage of the Golden Globe Awards has sparked a massive reaction on the Internet.

By using two simple phrases The New York Times created a profound message. The ad showcases the newspaper’s bombshell report where several notable women spoke up that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted and harassed them, and also channels the #MeToo campaign to a wider audience.

The text in the ad reads “He said” and “She said” and is shown several times, until the “She said” message widespread on the screen. It later focused on the messages “the truth has power, the truth will not be threatened, and the truth has a voice.”

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Take a look at the complete ad here:

As usual, the gesture turned out to be a talk online. Thus evoking a strong and polarized reaction from the viewers.



Some took the tone in a progressive way, while many found it abrupt, considering NYT’s continued employment of reporter Glenn Thrush. Back in late 2017, the paper had investigated allegations against Thrush and found him guilty as charged with an offensive act. Even though, they did not terminate him.

New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor, who, with Megan Twohey, wrote the paper’s Harvey Weinstein exposé in October, took to Twitter, writing:

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