Delhi Police has taken a concrete step to promote women empowerment by using one of its female commandos on a campaign poster. The commando, Nagaland’s Chiewelou Thele, is holding an AK-47 in the poster and is surrounded by various police-issued advisories.

Chiewelou Thele poster
Delhi Police Poster,
Pic Credit: TOI

A senior police official told TOI, “Earlier, we used stock photos of commandos in our campaigns. This time, Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik suggested we select one of our commandos instead.”

Selection Procedure

Talking about Thele’s selection, another senior police official says,

“We chose her to represent the Delhi Police because she was the best trainee of her batch. She has performed well in all the areas during her training.”

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She says, “I don’t know why I was selected. I was just asked to come for the shoot. The day the posters were released, I got many calls from my friends and colleagues. I never thought that being in the police will give me a face value.”

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She adds, “I am a national-level archer and I used to think that competing in archery will make me famous, which never happened. However, my training in archery helped me a lot during rifle shooting. I had never even seen a rifle before joining the police force, but I am the best female shooter of my batch, and the credit goes to my archery training. The basics of archery and shooting are the same, and since I already knew how to hold a bow and arrow and how to focus, it helped me during my commando training. We have to go through different drills during our training, but shooting was something I looked forward to.”

The barriers 

In the archery champ, she grappled with the problem of not knowing Hindi, in the first few days, but she has overcome the barriers now.

She tells TOI, “Hindi seekhne se humko logon se baat karne mein help mil jaati hai aur hum madad kar sakte hain.”

Kudos to Delhi Police for promoting deployment of female cops. This will surely encourage more women to join the Police force. It will also make the city safer for women.

Pic credits: TOI

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