Strict Rules: No Fancy Clothes For Women Cops During VVIP Events

Women police

The Delhi Police has issued a circular strictly announcing that from now onwards, female staff cannot wear anything apart from their complete uniform during VVIP events. As the Republic Day is approaching, women have been commanded to follow the guidelines as they have been found flouting the dress code.

Women security officers have been seen wearing colourful clothes and have been given several warnings against it. They are not following the conduct and it is happening even during events attended by the VVIPs like the Prime Minister and former prime ministers of the country.

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There is no scarcity of uniforms in the department and every individual is given a pair. According to the new circular, the security staff will first show up in front of the duty officer of the security unit who will examine their uniforms and will mark their attendance. Anybody found breaching the protocol will have to go through harsh punishment.

Other complaints against women personnel is that they are always in a hurry to deposit their arms and leave from work before duty ends. To solve this, the officers have decided that women have to keep their weapons with them until their duty lasts and cannot submit it any time before that.

This is a regular affair and these instructions are passed on prior to Republic Day celebrations, said a senior officer of the security department to India Today.

Picture credit- NewsX

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