Not Wanting To Care For Him, Coimbatore Woman Kills Toddler Grandson: Report

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Coimbatore grandson murder: A woman was arrested Thursday in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu for allegedly killing her one-year-old grandson, according to reports. Grudges she held against her son-in-law, from whom her daughter was separated, led the 50-year-old woman to end the toddler’s life. She further told police she did not want to look after him.

Identified as one Nagalakshmi, the woman was living with her 24-year-old daughter Nandini and grandson. Nandini’s marriage to Nithyanandam, a taxi driver, five years ago was not approved of by Nagalakshmi. Further disputes between Nandini and her husband resulted in their separation eight months ago, as per Times of IndiaThe couple has another four-year-old son who stays with his father.

(Trigger Warning: The following contains details of assault that some may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.) 

Allegedly fed up with caring for the grandson, and also to act on the resentment for Nithyanandam, Nagalakshmi smashed her grandson’s skull and shoved wrappers down his throat when her daughter was not home on September 21. When Nandini returned, she found her baby was in his cradle and not breathing.

RS Puram police said the boy was brought dead to the hospital.

Coimbatore Grandson Murder: When Children Are Not Safe With Family

Reports suggest Nandini was out of the house for the day to take on the work duties of her mother, who was employed at a hotel and was unwell of late. Upon returning home at around 9:30 PM, as per police, Nandini questioned Nagalakshmi on the whereabouts of her son.

Nagalakshmi told her she had put her sleeping grandson in his cradle in the evening. After the boy’s death, she confessed to her crime and was arrested.

The incident from Coimbatore comes following similar reports from Korba district in Chhattisgarh where a mother, tired of her young son’s breastfeeding demands, smashed him to the ground. The boy succumbed to his head injuries. Police found the woman had been facing mental health issues since years and was under treatment for the same.

In another such case this year from Maharashtra, a father annoyed with his 20-month-old baby daughter who was crying for sweets, repeatedly banged her head on the door of a car, resulting in her death. Read here.

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