Mysuru Gangrape Case: Police Makes Five Arrests

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Mysuru gangrape case arrests: Cracking the Mysuru Gangrape case of a 23-year-old MBA student, the police have arrested as many as five accused people. It was revealed yesterday that the suspects were students in their 20s, who were studying at a reputed engineering college in the city. More news in connection with the case is expected to be revealed on Saturday afternoon.

A 23-year-old student who had moved to Mysuru from Northern India for higher studies was allegedly gangraped by a group of men on August 24. The group also reportedly assaulted her male companion. The duo was returning from a trip late in the evening when they were stopped by goons, who demanded money from the two. Both the students are being treated at a private hospital for their injuries following the attack.

The survivor’s male companion later told the police that the perpetrators allegedly made video of the assault and demanded three lakh rupees from them in exchange of not making it public.

Soon after they gathered information about the suspects, the police tried to reach them, however, they were reportedly not found. It was further revealed that the accused students had not attended an exam that that were scheduled to give on Wednesday, the day after the assault. The police believes that the accused went into hiding after the incident was covered widely by television and print media across the country.

Mysuru gangrape case led to a flurry of irresponsible statements from public figures in the state that blamed the survivor for being out in the evening with her male friend, instead of questioning the conduct of the accused men and state of safety of women in the city.

Former chairperson of Karnataka State Women’s Commission Manjula Manasa made a shocking statement saying that she was “disgusted and ashamed” of the rape survivor, questioning why was she out at such an isolated spot with a male companion, that too at night? Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra went a step further and said the the opposition was trying to “rape” him in an attempt to gain political mileage from the incident. He too added that the girl shouldn’t have gone out to a deserted place. The state’s Labour Minister Shivaram Hebbar also earned flak on social media when he said that “rapes happen all the time” in an attempt to deflect the blame of the incident from the ruling party. Read more on that here.

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