Mysuru Gang-Rape Case Arrests: Five Things To Know

Rape Survivors Can Track Released Sex Offenders
Mysuru Gang-Rape Case Arrests: A 23-year-old college student in Mysuru, Karnataka, was allegedly raped by a group of men a tourist location with a male companion.

The survivor, who hails from a north Indian state, is an MBA student of Karnataka University. Her partner was purportedly thrashed as well, while two gang members sexually assaulted her.

  1. Basavaraj Bommai, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, informed reporters in Delhi that he has instructed the Director-General of Police, Praveen Sood, to apprehend the perpetrators. On Saturday, Karnataka DGP Praveen Sood said five men had been detained in connection with a gang-rape of a student and a severe assault on her companion in Mysuru.
  2. Following the tragic events on Tuesday evening, Karnataka’s chief cop, whose squad had been criticised for failing to make any arrests, stated, “It’s a delicate situation. We have technological and scientific proof to back up our claims.”
  3.  Sood claimed that all five of those detained are residents of Sathyamangalam from Tamil Nadu, with one of those apprehended appearing to be a juvenile ” a seventeen-year-old. We’re not sure… we’re checking “, he stated. The sixth suspect is on the run, and authorities are trying to track him down.
  4. According to the police, all the six accused are habitual offenders, various criminal accusations, including robbery, have been filed against them. According to an officer, the group of men daily visited the city to rob travelers, women and young couples.
  5. After committing the crime while returning to Chamarajanagar district, these men spent their time on the hillock near Lalithadrinagar.

A group of drunk males followed the pair into the woods. The nightmare that ensued, the two reached the hospital on their own with injuries six hours later. Furious Protest demonstrations erupted in Karnataka and around the country in response to the cruel and horrific event.

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