Mystery Viral Fever Outbreak In Haryana Village Claims Lives Of Several Children

While villagers claim the mystery fever is a result of a dengue outbreak, there is no confirmation on the cause from the health department as of yet.

STP Editor
Sep 14, 2021 07:22 IST
Mystery viral fever in Haryana village: Chilli village in Haryana's Palwal district is dealing with the outbreak of a viral fever that has claimed several lives so far, all of them children. In the last 10 days, nearly 50 to 60 children from Chilli have contracted this mysterious infection. The news comes close on heels of reports on a similar outbreak in Uttar Pradesh's Firozabad anf Bihar.

While villagers claim that the deaths are result of a dengue outbreak, there is no confirmation on the same from the health department. The claim made by villagers is based on the prevalence of low platelet count in patients. However, the health department is saying that it isn't unusual to have a low platelet count during viral infection.

Senior medical officer of Hathin, Dr Vijay Kumar told ANI that efforts are being made to contain the rapid outbreak. "We got news of some cases of fever and one-two deaths. Taking notice of that, our health teams have come here," said Dr Kumar, adding that his team is doing surveys, providing medicines and an Out Patient Department is also being run in the area to treat patients. According to Dr Kumar, samples of villagers are being tested for other causes of fever. "We have taken samples of 80 people who are having fever. No malaria cases have been reported. Four to five children have died due to dengue and several children are ill," he said.

Meanwhile, in Firozabad, dengue infection has affected 12,000 people, claiming 114 lives, out of which 88 were children. The viral outbreak in Firozabad was identified as dengue infection by a team of the National Centre for Disease Control last week. Vector-borne disease often spread due to unhygienic conditions, primarily water-logging that acts as a breeding ground for carries of diseases like malaria and dengue.


In Haryana's Chilli, Dr Kumar requested people to ensure that there is no stagnation of water anywhere and that their surroundings are clean. He further advised people to wear full-sleeved clothing.

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