Mumbai: Mom Of Two-month-old Fights Off Armed Men Who Attacked Her Parents And Came To Rob House

Senior Inspector Mahendra Nerlekar said, “She fought bravely knowing that the men were armed.” 

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The three armed men allegedly barged into a house in Jogeshwari in Mumbai on Wednesday intending to rob the house. However, the mother of a two-month-old baby fought the men who attacked her elderly parents and domestic helpers.


The woman was later treated for minor injuries. Police said that the three men were arrested and a revolver, knife, screwdriver, spanner and sticking tape were recovered from them. The police identified the prime accused as Saddam, who arrived at the home of a 62-year-old businessman Girish Gala with a box of sweets. The accused reportedly told the elderly man that he had brought him sweets for Diwali and hugged him. The man was at home with his wife, daughter, two-month-old grandchild and two housemaids reported The Times of India. 

Woman fights off armed men

Senior Inspector Mahendra Nerlekar of Jogeshwari police station said that while Saddam kept Girish Gala distracted, two of his companions, who were armed with a country-made revolver and knife, rushed inside the house. According to Police, Saddam started threatening Gala with a screwdriver while the other two men surrounded his wife and two housemaids. After hearing the scream, Gala’s daughter came to help them.

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The 28-year-old Dikshita Shah, who was inside a bedroom with her two-month-old daughter, rushed out immediately to confront the men. Saddam tried to attack Shah with the screwdriver but she fought back. However, her finger got hurt by the screwdriver. Subsequently, she pushed him away and then ran back into the bedroom to secure her baby. 

However, Saddam followed her and struck her on the head with the screwdriver and spanner. She pushed him away and picked up a glass of buttermilk from a table and flung its contents into his face, police said.


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Subsequently, she grabbed her baby and locked Saddam inside the bedroom and ran to the balcony and called for help. The other two men tried to escape from the house. One man got into an autorickshaw on the road outside while the other man tried to escape on foot but police chased them down and managed to nab them. As per the report, Saddam managed to flee and hasn’t been caught.

Those arrested are identified as Mohammad Alim Fazil Siddiqui and Mohammad Mustakeem Shaikh reported The Indian Express. They are all residents of New Delhi.

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The Senior Inspector said, “We are questioning the men to find out how they know Gala. We suspect that they knew about his business and came to Mumbai specifically to rob his home.” He also praised the mother of a two-month-old baby, Shah for fighting against them. The Senior Inspector said, “She fought bravely knowing that the men were armed.” 

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