Mumbai Cops Raise Money For Homeless Woman

cops raise money homeless woman

It was Tuesday, May 15, when a 65-year-old woman entered the Sakinaka police station in Mumbai to seek help. She had been working as a maid at the Sakinaka’s Chachad Hospital for over 20 years. And was left jobless and homeless after the ‘hospital’, which was her workplace and home, was demolished last month.

The woman, identified as Lata Pardeshi, lost her husband 30 years ago. She also lost her son a few years ago and did not wish to ‘be a burden’ on her daugher-in-law who lives in Pune. Even her relatives weren’t on talking terms with her. So she had nowhere to go.

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The kind cop

A police inspector, Bhalerao, took care of Lata and made frantic efforts to find her an accommodation. Speaking to The Times of India, Lata said, “The cops, especially Bhalerao, treated me with a lot of love and care and even gave me Rs 500 for food and promised to find me a shelter. It was very difficult for me to leave the police station after spending just two days there as the cops treated me like their mother. Bhalerao listened to my problems and immediately offered to help me.”

Bhalerao contacted many politicians who would assure that they’ll do something, but never got back. He also contacted many NGOs who would ask for donation or say that they could accommodate only at that moment.

Lata stayed at the police station for two days. At last, Bhalerao found her an accommodation at the Karjat Old Age Home.

Bhalerao has also decided to meet her at least once a month.

Cops raised Rs 23,000

The cops also managed to raise 23,000 for Lata’s accommodation. They are also opening a bank account in her name so that more people can pool in to help her

They not only organized a farewell for her, but also gave her food and money.

Bidding her adieu, the Mumbai cops tweeted: “Having lost her job as well as shelter after demolition of the hospital she worked & lived at, Lata ji trusted Sakinaka Police & was definitely not let down by PSI Nilesh Bhalerao & rest of D staff.She was given a warm farewell & a bond of a lifetime was built in less than 24 hrs.”

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