Barbie Biryani Anyone? Mumbai Chef's Quirky Pink Recipe Irks Foodies

A chef who goes by @creamycreationsbyhkr on Instagram is making headlines for a Barbie-inspired pink biryani. Of course, she accompanied it with pink raita too!

Tanya Savkoor
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The film Barbie (2023) brought with it a host of new trends, mostly doused in pink and glitter. While the world welcomed the Barbie-themed fashion choices or decor, the pink food trends raised several eyebrows. A chef from Mumbai took it one step ahead with a pink biryani and raita combo, which is now going viral on social media. Needless to say, foodies were not happy with the quirky twist to one of their favourite Indian dishes. 


Heena Kausar Raad, a content creator who goes by @creamycreationsbyhkr, posted a video of the pink biryani and raita to Instagram a few days ago, inviting annoyed commenters demanding "justice for biryani". The dish was made for a Barbie-themed party that Raad hosted in Mumbai. 

Woman Makes 'Barbie' Pink Biryani

Heena Kausar Raad is a baker, chef, and entrepreneur who runs baking classes in Mumbai. According to her social media bio, she has also appeared on national TV and won a cooking competition reality show. She is now exploding in popularity online for her innovative recipe for a bright-pink "Barbie Biryani".

Netizens are commenting, "Delete this right now before I throw up on my phone," and "Sanitize..... I need to sanitise my eyes," as they watch the chef coming up with an unprecedented rendition of the rice dish. Several netizens are even making memes about the viral dish.


From the viral video, it is clear that Raad is not someone who plays it safe. The chef experiments with unique ideas to create eccentric treats that might not be in the best interest of "traditional" food, but are sure to grab eyeballs. Her Barbie-themed biryani made some foodies cringe, but some others found the content creator's "marketing strategy" unique.

Food aggregator app Swiggy Instamart also commented on Raad's video saying, "Not your regular 'Barbie marketing is insane' post." Another social media user commented, "We want Oppenheimer biryani," referring to the 'Barbenheimer' debate that took the world by storm last year. 

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