Malda: TMC Leader Mrinalini Mondal Maity Caught On Camera Flaunting Gun In Office

Mrinalini Mondal Maity is the President of the Old Malda Panchayat Samity and is also the president of Trinamool Congress Party's Malda District wing.

Srishti Lakhotia
Dec 07, 2021 09:29 IST
Who is Mrinalini Mondal Maity
A Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader is in the news after she was caught on camera flaunting a gun while sitting in her office. The opposition parties have taken offence to Mrinalini Mondal Maity's photo and are demanding action against her now.

Maity, who is the president of TMC's Malda district wing, can be seen sitting on a chair in her office with trophies and an official board behind her. The leader is seen posing with a gun in her hand clearly. Although, whether the picture is a recent one and if the gun is real or fake is yet to be proven.

This picture was taken in the Malda district by the leader and has triggered another political controversy in the state governed by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who recently visited Mumbai to talk with oppositions on a possible coalition against the Bharatiya Janata Party in the centre. The Chief Minister also held a civil society discussion attended by celebrities like Swara Bhaskar and Javed Akhtar. Actor Swara Bhaskar's address to the CM was captured on video and later went viral.

Maity is the President of the Old Malda Panchayat Samity as well. According to her that the photograph is a year old. Although the opposition has alleged that this is not the first time the TMC leader has courted controversy. Her husband was accused of beating an employee in the Block Development Office (BDO) following which Maity was accused of shielding him from repercussions.


A senior BJP leader told the media, "Keeping arms is their culture and she is only following the tradition. In the last 11 years, they have put the state as well as to Malda on a heap of gunpowder."

In their statement on the incident, the TMC district President Krishnendu Narayan Choudhury said that it is not justified to display arms at a government office and that police will find out if the gun is real or not. "Law will take its own course," Choudhury said.


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