MLA KR Ramesh Kumar’s Rape Remark in Karnataka Assembly: 10 Things To Know

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MLA KR Ramesh Kumar Rape Remark: Yesterday, during a proceeding, a Senior Member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, KR Ramesh Kumar made a problematic remark. And instead of taking action against the Congress MLA and reprimanding him, Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri was seen laughing at the MLA’s remark.

The Assembly session recordings have gone viral on social media platforms with the netizens agitated at such remarks made by the MLAs and the speaker laughing it off. Everyone is demanding the Congress MLA’s and Speaker’s apology.

MLA KR Ramesh Kumar Rape Remark: Here are 10 things you should know

1. The topic in Thursdays’ session was regarding the floods and crop losses in Karnataka.

2. “I have decided to give up on trying to control and streamline this situation…I’ll just let them talk,” Speaker Hegde said, as the situation in the Assembly went out of control.

3.“There is a saying..when rape is inevitable, lie down and enjoy it. That is exactly the position into which you are”, Kumar said to the Speaker.

4.  The remark was made while demanding time from Speaker to discuss the farm issues in Karnataka.

5.  The Speaker said that the session cannot run if time is allotted to everyone. “I feel that let’s enjoy the situation, I can’t keep this under control and take it forward in a systematic way.” to which the MLA replied by standing up and making the controversial rape remark.

6. This is not the first time KR Ramesh Kumar made such a remark. In February 2019, he courted a controversy claiming he felt like a “rape victim”.

“My situation is like that of a rape victim. The rape happened just once. If you had left it at that, it would have passed. When you complain that a rape has happened, accused is put in jail. But his lawyers ask how did it happen? When did it happen and how many times? The rape happens once but you get raped a 100 times in the court. This is my condition.”

7. Union Minister Shobha Karandlaje criticised Kumar over his rape remark inside the Assembly. She also that the party should take action against him and anyone who makes such remarks.

8. None of the members present in the Karnataka Assembly raised any objections to the remark made by him.

9. Congress MLA Dr Anjali Nimalkar, has demanded the “House to apologise to entire womanhood, every mother, sister & daughter of this nation for such obnoxious & shameless behaviour”  on Twitter.

10. Brinda Adige, an activist also said that “How much more shameful can this kind of a talk be in the Assembly where women voters have sent these fellows, voting and paying our taxes? Don’t they know that rape is the most heinous, brutal and violent crime against women? Wasn’t KPCC president supposed to suspend the MLA and not give him a ticket so that he does not stand for election. This is not acceptable in a democracy.”

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