“When Rape Is Inevitable, Enjoy It,” Karnataka Assembly Speaker Laughs Off MLA’s Crass Remark

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KR Ramesh Kumar, a Member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly courted controversy for his problematic remark in the Assembly. Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri is also seen laughing at the comment instead of reprimanding the MLA.

The recordings of the Assembly session are going viral on social media platforms. Kumar is heard saying to the Speaker, “There is a saying..when rape is inevitable, lie down and enjoy it. That is exactly the position into which you are.” Many called out Kegari for laughing at the remark when he should be taking strict action against Kumar.

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KR Kumar is the former speaker of the Karnataka Assembly. To everyone’s surprise, none of the members of the Assembly raised an objection to the controversial remark.

The Member of Legislative Assembly, KR Kumar is not new this kind of  controversy. In 2019, when he was a speaker in the Karnataka Assembly, he had said that he felt like a “rape victim”. His exact statement was, “My situation is like that of a rape victim. The rape happened just once. If you had left it at that, it would have passed. When you complain that a rape has happened, accused is put in jail. But his lawyers ask how did it happen? When did it happen and how many times? The rape happens once but you get raped a 100 times in the court. This is my condition.”

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As per a report by Times Now, Union Minister Shobha Karandlaje criticised Kumar over his rape remark inside the Assembly. She also said that the Congress MLA should be sacked from its seat in the state assembly. Since the Speaker is a member of Bharatiya Janta Party, Karandleje said that her party should take action against him and anyone making such remarks against women.

The Speaker and Congress MLA have been receiving massive backlash from all quarters because of the video.