Minister Stops Kerala Temple From Performing Kali Puja Bloodbath

Kerala temple Kali puja

A Kerala minister has intervened to prevent a primitive ritual from taking place in a Thiruvananthapuram temple. The temple authorities had announced a ‘Kaliyoot’ festival, where people would donate blood to bathe Goddess Kali, TOI reported.

Bhadrakali temple in Vithura had advertised plans in flyers to conduct a Mahakhora Kali Yagnam using devotees’ blood. The news went viral on social media and drew people’s ire

Devaswom minister Kadakampally Surendran has issued orders to prevent the temple from conducting such rituals.

According to Sree Vidwari Vaidyanatha Temple’s advertisement, the ‘yagna’ was to be held from March 12 to 23. Thousands of people would have donated blood using disposable syringes.

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This is not the first time that such a bizarre ritual has been announced. Keralites have seen the practice thrice in the past. It is popularly believed that conducting such yagnas can cure several diseases

‘Just a few drops’

The blood was to be then used for the raktha abhishekam (bath) of the idol. “The ritual will give devotees a strong belief that their diseases have been cured. When people don’t mind giving blood during hospital tests, why should donating a few drops for their belief affect them?” temple official A Manikantan said about the primitive ritual.

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Following the news, the minister ordered the district collector and rural SP to act against the organizers.

In his Facebook post, the minister called out the primitive rituals. He termed the practice as an insult to the state. “Human and animal sacrifices, which were abolished in the state following renaissance, are coming back. Such rituals must be opposed,” Surendran wrote.

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