Why More and More Millennials are Taking ‘Gap Year’ Before College

Gap Year

Many millennials today, are taking time out for themselves as a gap year. Typically, students take a gap year as a break from academics after high school, or after college. The reasons can range from person to person, be it for travelling, or to figure out their interests and passion. As a generation, we shouldn’t be so worried and here are a few reasons why:

Explore the numerous possibilities around

A gap year provides with numerous opportunities to explore. It gives us a chance to get out and experience life beyond our comfort zones. Be it travel to someplace new, living with strangers, understanding cultures different from ours or working multiple jobs, attending seminars, learning a new language and much more.

Getting to know ourselves better

This is the perfect time to get to know more about ourselves, since it is a time when we’re away from the busy schedule of school and college. This way we can figure out our beliefs, passions, interests and be our true selves. We mostly try to fit into the crowd and tend to lose out on our unique self, by pretending to be someone we’re not. So this is a good way of knowing yourself better.

By being your own critic, one can convert such weaknesses into our strengths effectively.

Getting out of the comfort zone

Getting out of the comfort zone will test our limits. Something which cannot be done at home. It can reveal our hidden strengths and also highlight our weaknesses. By being your own critic, one can convert such weaknesses into our strengths effectively. It will give a sense of independence and self-confidence which is an entirely new experience altogether.

Better prepared for the future

A gap year enlighten us with career choices and academic degrees that are beyond the clichés of becoming a doctor, engineer or a lawyer. And once we’ve decided your future career, we have a year’s time to study for entrances without any distractions. This will enhance the possibilities of getting into a good college or university. We can also participate in various clubs or volunteering or community services also.

Recharge your body

The time we spend with ourselves, be it for travelling or learning something new, will recharge our minds and hearts. Getting a break from the pressure or exams and academics or extracurricular activities, is a healthy way to start college afresh. Instead of being all stressed out, we can,  learn how to be more flexible, more adaptable and more challenging. It will eventually help us become better and enhance our performance better.

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Heena Mangani is an intern with SheThePeople.TV