Millennials On What Living Away From Families Taught Them

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We all desire to free ourselves from our parents’ constant vigil and live life on our own terms. While some flock to other cities to pursue better educational facilities, others move to different cities or even countries because of their work. SheThePeople.Tv spoke to some millennials about their experiences and lessons they gleaned on staying away from families.

Amrita Paul, currently working in Delhi as a freelance writer, says, “I think being away from home makes you independent, but also level-headed and strong. It makes you comfortable in your own company and lets you cultivate your own value system — your own idea of what’s right and wrong from your personal life experiences.”

Abhidha Sharma, a photographer who has been staying away from her family for a while now, feels that living away from home makes you realize that the world is not as scary as you think of it.
“You meet new people and create a home for yourself away from home. I have learnt that things won’t go according to plan. But still in the end, I will have that feeling that whatever happens, it will help me in growing as a person.”


Living alone, however, can be a daunting experience for some who tend to miss their families, and the warmth is difficult to find anywhere else.

For instance, Rashi Goel, from Madras who is pursuing Masters in Economics, recollects how she used to think that living away from her family would be a piece of cake for her and the ‘little’ void would easily be filled since she can always be in touch with them via phone. She, however, discovered an altogether different side of hers which completely depended on her family.

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“I realised how important that emotional support was and even if there wasn’t much of a conversation all the time but how just their physical presence was comforting for me.”

Talking about some misconceptions about herself that she has been able to do away with, she says, “I hated cooking and I used to think come what may, I will never cook. But since now I had to take care of my food and due to lack of a better alternative, I did learn how to cook.”

“I realized that it takes a village for a person to be happily and comfortably functionable,” – Rashi Goel

Karishma Verma is a part of the cabin crew of an airline. She says that living away from home teaches you how to adapt to anything that comes your way. You learn everything from how to manage a cupboard to a house, household chores to paying bills all on your own.

However, she admits that she tends to miss her family on a lot of occasions.

“When after a long tiring day at work, you return to your house where no one is waiting for you, no home cooked warm food and nobody to speak to about the day,” – Karishma

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