Mehbooba Mufti Says Her Statement On Sharia Is Being Used As “Clickbait”

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Mehbooba Mufti on Sharia: Mufti drew flak for her statement on the Islamic State law Sharia. Defending herself, Mufti wrote on Twitter, “Not surprised that my statement on Sharia has been deliberately distorted,” and claimed that her statement was being used as a “clickbait”.

On September 8, Mufti said that Taliban can set an example for the world if they follow the real Sharia law while talking to reporters in Kulgam on Wednesday. The Peoples Democratic Party member and former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir added that if the fundamentalist group wanted to change their impression of being anti-human rights and that if they really want to govern Afghanistan, they should implement the “real” Sharia law.

“They can set an example for the world if they follow the real Sharia law which includes women rights, children and others” she said, “and not their interpretation of Sharia.” Read more here.

A day after this statement, Mufti wrote on Twitter that her statement on Sharia was “deliberately distorted” and she can’t point fingers since most countries that claim to uphold Sharia have failed to imbibe its true values. Mufti added that the Taliban takeover led Afghanistan crisis has only worsened Islamophobia in India.

Mufti added in her tweet that most of the countries who follow the Sharia law “are only fixated with restricting women through do’s & dont’s, (sic)”

In a series of tweets, Mufti added that the real Medina Charter specifies equal rights for men, women and minorities. In fact, women have been granted social rights, legal rights, marriage rights and property rights in the same as well.

Adding that even non-Muslims have the same rights including religious freedom & equality of law, Mufti mentioned that this is the “essence of secularism”.

In the next tweet, Mufti cited an example of women empowerment in Islamic history. She stated that the wife of the Islamic prophet Muhammad Hazrat Khadija Tul Kubra was an “independent and successful businesswoman”.

She went on to draw references to other such women in Islamic history.