Taliban Can Set Example By Following Real Sharia, Includes Women's Rights: Mehbooba Mufti

Former J&K Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Taliban rule said the group should rule by real sharia law, which includes women's rights. She recently said the world was watching Afghanistan.

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Mehbooba Mufti on Taliban said the fundamentalist group can "set an example for the world" if they rule by the "real" sharia law and not their own interpretation of it. The former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir was addressing a gathering in Kulgam district, as per reports.

Her remarks come a day after the Taliban announced their interim government in Afghanistan, which comprises an all-male cabinet. The issue of the lack of representation of women and minorities in the administration has prompted protests in the country, with street protestors demanding rights in the wake of oppressive curbs. More here.

"Taliban is emerging as a reality. They can set an example for the world if they follow the real Sharia law which includes women rights," 62-year-old Mufti

#WATCH | Taliban is emerging as a reality. They had an image of anti-human rights during their first rule. They can set an example for the world if they follow the real Sharia law which includes women rights,& not their interpretation of Sharia: PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti in Kulgam

— ANI (@ANI) September 8, 2021


Mehbooba Mufti On Taliban: "Had An Image Of Anti-Human Rights"

Mufti, chief of Kashmir's Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), recently cautioned the Taliban, saying the "role of guns is over" and that "the world is watching their behaviour." She added, "I urge the Taliban not to commit any act that forces the world to go against them."

Statements she made during the same address about the abrogation of article 370, asking the centre not to "test our patience," had sparked a row. Read here.

Notorious for their human rights atrocities in Afghanistan during their 1996-2001 regime, the Taliban takeover has led to a series of curbs on speech and freedoms in the country, not even a month into their rule. Women's public mobility, work rights, educational liberties and representation have taken a serious hit with the Taliban imposing new regulations.

In media addresses, Taliban leaders projected assurances that Afghan women's rights will be protected under the sharia law, but activists in the country are sounding the alarm, calling it a bluff. Here's what voices on-ground told SheThePeople

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