Meet Nepal’s first female Chief Justice: Sushila Karki

Sushila Kari, first female chief justice of supreme court of Nepal

Here is some reason for cheer for women in our friendly neighbor, Nepal. The nation created its own little history by appointing Sushila Karki as the first female Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Her position is interim, until the parliamentary hearing. She is succeeding Kalyan Shrestha, who retires at 63. [Feature Image Courtesy: english.onlinekhabar.com]

Sushila Kari, first female chief justice of supreme court of Nepal

Sushila Karki has immortalised her name in Nepal’s judicial history( Pic Courtesy: odishanewsinsight)


Here are a few interesting details about the lady who will be heading the justice system of Nepal:

Karki, who started her career as a teacher, holds a very strong and unbiased image in the judiciary circuit of Nepal. During her career as justice and judge, she created the reputation of a just, brave, unbiased and competent professional with zero tolerance for corruption. During her career, she has dealt with some controversial cases involving ministers as well.

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She was on the Constitutional Drafting Committee in 2006, where her work was recognized and appreciated by many (while India has no woman on its drafting committee);

Nepal shifted from Hindu status to secular in 2008, though it was only last year that the new, secular government gave women the constitutional right to proportional inclusion in government bodies and equal rights in lineage, irrespective of  community. In 2009, Sushila was appointed as an ad-hoc justice in the Supreme Court of Nepal.

And to top it all, the interesting thing is that Karki completed her post graduation in Political Sciences from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in India.

She is the most powerful woman in law in Nepal

Chief Justice Sushila Karki

India hasn’t had a female Chief Justice of the Supreme court yet. Maybe it’s time we took a leaf out of the book of our friendly progressive neighbor and do the same?