After Failed Attempt At Rape, Woman’s Cousin Strangles Her To Death

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The Meerut police have arrested 22-year-old man for allegedly killing his cousin in Meerut banquet hall after failed attempt at rape.

As per reports, the man confessed in front of the police that he strangulated the woman after he tried to rape her. The incident took place in a banquet hall in Meerut on Monday.  The deceased woman in the case was just 19-year-old. According to her family members, the accused cousin had been missing for nearly two hours.

Meerut Banquet Hall Murder Case:

When the woman’s dead body was found by the family members they could not spot the cousin. The police was then informed about the same who launched a probe in the case and nabbed the accused. The man was arrested on Wednesday. The SSP involved in the case said. “He has confessed to killing her after a failed rape bid. “

According to a report by the Indian Express, the family members assaulted a police officer as he was allegedly found sleeping in an inebriated state in a room attached to the washroom in which the girl’s dead body was found. The family had also alleged that the constable was involved in the alleged murder. The constable is reportedly admitted to a hospital and is undergoing treatment.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police, Poonam Sirhoi said that even after multiple rounds of questions, the constable every time said that the was drunk and had gone to sleep in the room. The Meerut police has also filed a different case against the manager of the said banquet hall and its staff members for refusing to help the family members of the deceased woman and attacking them.

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