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Master the Art of Multitasking with your Peace of Mind Intact

Multi tasking women of India

Women are naturally blessed with multitasking capabilities, and Indian women will win hands down in putting this skill to its maximum use. It is no wonder then, that 87% of them feel stressed most of the time. They have to satisfy the societal expectations of being an ideal home-maker and a doting mother, as well as pursuing their own dreams and passions. Indian women are taught from their childhood to neglect their physical health and emotional well-being, and to put the interest of others ahead of their own. Despite these negative circumstances, it is still possible to maintain the fitness of body and of mind by making some simple lifestyle changes.

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Multidimensional Challenges

The stress contributing factors vary for different women. While balancing a family and career is itself a challenge, some women have jobs involving night shifts, frequent travelling to far off places, or a high pressure work environment. Add to this the episodes of job loss, gender-based discrimination, pending loan payments, and you have the perfect recipe for emotional turmoil. What is worse is that Indian women face the double whammy of these problems, common to people all over the world, along with the pressures of a patriarchal society.

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Simple But Effective Solutions

There is nothing wrong in taking a cue from men in certain areas. For example, women tend to ridicule and feel disdain for the compartmentalizing attitude of men, but this is what makes them less prone to stress. Focus on one thing at a time. Do not think about whether your child scored a hundred in his/her Mathematics test when you are in a project discussion meeting. You cannot change the test score, and you are neglecting the meeting by not providing the attention it deserves. Simple is not always easy. But when you practice something repeatedly over a long period, one day it will become second nature without you noticing it.

87% women feel stressed most of the time and they have satisfy the societal expectations of being an ideal home-maker and a doting mother and more

Practising gratitude is another solution to change your perspective on managing both a family and a career. Instead of viewing them as a double burden, view them as mutual benefits. More often, recount the situations when your colleagues helped you with office work when you had a problem in your family life. Be thankful for the family that stood by you when you were denied a well-deserved promotion in the office. Accumulating small memories of happiness and thankfulness over a long period will eventually heal your mind of all the stress.

Some Age Old Practices Of Immense Value

The importance of yoga and meditation can never be overstated. They are indispensable in the journey towards a healthy mind. You can always find 5 minutes to engage in deep breathing. Read about mindfulness meditation and start practising it. Even if you are a hater of self-help books, give this one a try; you will not be disappointed.

Mental Health Issues in India

In her memoir “Becoming”, Michelle Obama says that when it comes to childbirth, women put their lives at risk, while men go on with their lives undisturbed. On the other hand, men do not get the joy of spending every moment with their yet to be born baby. They are left untouched by the beauty and the satisfaction of the experience. Here, nature balances one inequality with another. Remember this in all circumstances. Deciding not to suffer is in your hands. Choose happiness.

This was authored by Jane Sanders for Oowomaniya