Want to get a hint of what young girls across the country are up to? Read this. Masha Nazeem (24) will receive the prestigious National Youth Award for her contributions to science and technology.

The annual award is instituted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. It is given to recognise outstanding work and achievements of youngsters and further motivate them to excel in the field of National Development and Social Service.

“I am very excited to be selected for this award,” said 24-year-old Masha.

She will be receiving the award with her father Khaja Nazeemudeen, a government employee on January 12 from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The girl hails from Nagercoil in Kanniyakumari district, Tamil Nadu. She has also has a younger sibling.

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Interest in science

She had a proclivity for science since childhood. “It all happened because of my father, he would enrol me in every possible contest in school, one of them was a science exhibition. I didn’t even know my name was on the list,” she said.

Masha was in Class V when she made a burglar alarm which impressed her teachers and won her the first prize.

Since then, Masha has invented 14 socially useful gadgets such as a flameless seal marker. State government officials, hi-tech train toilet system, fuel dispensers, anti-sinking alarm are using those.

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In fact, three of her innovations are in the process of getting patented. She has also won several awards and accolades including the State Youth Award 2016.

Innovation center for the youth

In a bid to encourage young inventors by helping them transform their ideas into reality, she setup Masha Innovation Center. It is a research laboratory and workshop in her hometown.

Masha is an ardent believer of the fact that there are a plethora of students who are brimming with creative ideas, but the mere theoretical learning in schools thwarts them from experimenting on those. She wants them to have practical experience through her center.

She is definitely a role model for young scientists looking forward to making it big.

Pic Credits: Deccan Chronicle

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