Karnataka: Married Man Beheads His Former Girlfriend

Odisha Woman Cricketer Found Dead
In a horrific incident that has come to light, a Karnataka man allegedly beheaded his former girlfriend, suspecting that she was in another relationship. The accused is himself married to another woman and lives in the Vijayanagara area.
The accused in the crime has been identified as Bojaraja, who works as a truck driver and is a resident of Kudligi taluk of the Vijayanagara district. Reportedly, after beheading his ex-girlfriend, identified as a 21-year-old woman named Nirmala, he took the severed head with him to Kannaboranaiya’s Hatti Police station. The police immediately arrested him and further investigation was carried out.

Man Beheads Ex-Girlfriend

SI Arun K revealed that the woman’s torso was found lying in her house. The police also suspect that the accused Bojaraja had been allegedly stalking Nirmala and suspected that she was involved with another man. Reports reveal that Bojaraja and Nirmala were distant relatives and reportedly in a relationship. However, when Nirmala’s parents turned down his marriage proposal, Bojaraja married another woman just four months ago, this year.
Even after getting married, Bojaraja continued to fixate over his ex-girlfriend, who was a nursing student at Kalaburgi. Nirmala had returned home for a break. On Thursday, July 21, when her parents were away at work, the accused entered the deceased woman’s house and allegedly slit her throat, proceeding to behead her. The police arrested the accused Bojaraja under IPC sections 302 (Murder), and 450 (trespassing in order to commit a crime). These incidents seem to be on the rise, as recently a man from Durveshpur village in Meerut allegedly shot his ex-lover dead and later shot himself too. This case was registered under Parikshitgarh police station.

Reports revealed that the two were in love and married to different people. But the woman started to avoid the accused and he turned violent in return. The two are survived by five children each.

These incidents raise questions on Indian men’s inability to deal with rejection or heartbreak. When it comes to love and relationship, some men still seem think that they own a woman, just because she chose to love them. In the Karnataka case, the accused was himself married but that didn’t stop him from resorting to violence purely on basis of suspicion and a sense of ownership.

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