Mangaluru Students Protest Hijab Ban In Classroom

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Muslim girls of St Agnes College in Mangaluru on June 25 staged a protest in front of the college over the alleged restriction on hijab inside the classroom. The agitation was staged under the banner Campus Fort India (CFI).

Burkha-clad students opposed the college’s decision. They gathered near the college entrance and raised slogans against the hijab ban. The girls claimed that not allowing to wear hijab is a violation of an individual’s rights.

“Hijab is our dignity. It is our protector. Who are you to remove it,” said the students during the protest

St Agnes College, a girls-only institution, recently instructed that while in class, no Hijab is to be worn.

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Principal Sr. Jeswina released a press note. In the statement, she said that the rules would maintain discipline.

She said, “The management has framed rules and regulations to maintain order and discipline. Accordingly, the college rule states that the students are not permitted to wear headscarves inside the classroom only. However, we have no objection if they wear it outside the classrooms. The students and their parents are aware of this rule while seeking admission in our college. Yet a few students have gone on a protest without even submitting a memorandum. If there is an issue with any student, the management will settle the matter with the students and their parents.”

The authorities have clarified that the management has no objection if they wear hijab outside the class.

Speaking to mediapersons, Fathima, a student of the college, accused the college of trying to take away their rights. She said they were earlier allowed to wear the hijab. And the issue was not as big as it is made out to be now.

“When we asked them about our rights, they did not listen to us too,” she said.

She said all Muslim girls will protest till the right to wear hijab is restored. However, the faculty claims there has always been a rule in prohibiting hijab. However, some girls still continued to wear them.

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