Nirbhaya’s Mother Seeks Women’s Safety Guarantee Rights Act

Delhi HC Grants Week Nirbhaya Rapists

Asha Devi, whose daughter fell prey to a brutal gang rape on December 16, 2012, has been waiting for her justice for over five years now. Even when the Supreme Court has given capital punishment to all the convicts except one who was a juvenile at the time of incident, the execution of death penalty has not happened yet.

Today, Asha Devi actively participates in speaking up against the terrible state of women’s safety in the country.

While speaking at an event organised by the Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust on Friday, Devi along with other members of the trust, appealed for a ‘women’s safety guarantee rights Act’ from the government

Till now my daughter has not been able to get justice. The death penalty is simply on paper as nothing has happened to the accused. If I am unable to get justice for my daughter, what should I tell all those who come to me for help?” The Hindu reported

“Despite everything being in place, such instances are still happening around us. The reason is because authorities simply show us on paper that new laws have been made. After the incident, there were multiple laws that came into force, but nothing has changed. Hence we decided to demand this Act from the government so that there is a system for the women that applies to all women.”

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The trust is demanding district-level forensic laboratories. It states, “POCSO Act should encompass all rape convictions and decisions within the time frame of six months. Nirbhaya One-Stop Centres should start operating with immediate effects.”

“Only female doctors should examine rape victims. The law should severely punish male doctors conducting these tests,” the trust added

Devi spoke on the utmost necessity of the Act and said, “Lapses in our laws and the lax attitude of the lawmakers is making our country weak and leaving our faith shaken.”

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