After 3 Girls Trolled, More Hijab-Clad Students Dance In Protest

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When three Muslim hijab-clad girls from Kerala's Malappuram took part in a flash mob on World AIDS Day (Dec 1), little did they know the consequences. They were trolled by self-proclaimed 'moralists' who would question their dignity. Now a group of youngsters, many of them in hijab, have started off a protest against the trolls.


They danced in the same manner as the three Muslim dental students who participated in the flash mob. Many joined in a flash mob on Saturday (Dec 9) and performed to a Malayalam song.

According to a TOI report, the protest dance that started at Tagore Theatre in Thiruvananthapuram later spread to the middle of the road with nearly 20 students, including girls in hijab. This protest was organized by Students’ Federation of India.

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They promoted the slogan “humanity is the answer to the fatwa of religious fundamentalists”

A protester, Namitha Farzana, said, “Every individual has his or her freedom. Hijab is only part of one’s religious belief. It should not be seen as a weapon to suppress Muslim women. There are liberals in the Muslim community also. If Hindus and Christians can dance, why can’t Muslims? The three girls of Malappuram had taken part in the flash mob with the noble intention of spreading AIDS awareness through art. Their freedom should be respected.’’

Watch the videos here:

Following the misbehaviour by trolls, the Kerala Women's Commission registered a case against unnamed people who had ‘shamed’ the three Muslim girls

“It is unfortunate to give a religious tinge to portray women in bad light and degrade them. This emboldens more women to come out publicly,” a tweet in support of girls said.

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While the girls' unique protest will irk conservative sections of the community again, it's high time we learn how not to criticise everything without giving it a thought.

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