Man Chops Off Working Daughter-In-Law’s Head

Man stabs self killing woman

A man in Alwar chopped off his 32-year-old daughter-in-law’s head. Reason? He didn’t want her to go out for work.

The woman, Uma, was on her way to work at a factory in Shahjahanpur village in Alwar district when the incident took place. Her father-in-law allegedly chopped her head off with a sword.

According to him, it was against Rajput pride and honour to let women go out for work. The incident occurred on 14th March in the morning near a Khatushyam temple in the village

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The woman was attacked on the road, but none of the passersby came forward to her rescue. She died on the spot. Subsequently, police took her body to the mortuary of the local hospital.

The victim is survived by her husband Mukesh Rajput and two children. The accused, Maamraj, is the elder brother of Mukesh’s father.

Both Uma and Mukesh used to work to fend for the family and provide for the education of their two children.

Against women working in the family

On interrogation, family members and neighbours of the woman said that her father-in-law Maamraj was furious with her as she worked in a factory.

According to the woman’s family, the accused Maamraj would often say that women in Rajput families should not go out to work as this was against Rajput pride.

Some neighbours said Maamraj was mentally unstable. He had sold off his land and property and did not work. Police have arrested the accused.

It is astonishing to see the extent to which some people can go to curb women’s freedom. This horrifying incident proves how women are victimised by patriarchy in the name of pride.

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Picture Credit: India Today