Malala Yousafzai To Receive Harvard Award For Activism

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Malala Yousafzai To Receive Harvard Award For Activism

Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai is receiving an award from Harvard University for her groundbreaking work promoting girls' education, Times Of India reported.


According to Harvard's Kennedy School, Yousafzai will be awarded the 2018 Gleitsman Award at a ceremony on December 6.

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Yousafzai was a 15-year-old when she survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban. Since then, everything has changed. TheĀ Pakistani activistĀ and the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 lived to tell her inspirational story.

The Taliban attack did not deter her. In fact, she was strengthened by the attack. Now, she is a fierce advocate for girlsā€™ education.

TheĀ Pakistani activistĀ is also theĀ co-founder of the Malala Fund. She is highly motivated to raise investment for girlsā€™ education across the world. As part of her ā€˜Gulmakai Networkā€™ initiative,Ā Malala blogs against the Taliban regime and about education champions across the world. The initiative is based onĀ Malalaā€˜s pen name.

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Her never-ending battle earned her anĀ honorary Canadian citizenship. Currently, she is a citizen of England and promotes education among children, especially girls. Malala is studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Lady Margaret HallĀ at Oxford.

Hailing from Swat Valley in Pakistan to holding the torch of women power worldwide, Malalaā€™s story is one of a kind. Now 20, her life-altering journey is all set to be recorded on celluloid. TheĀ Pakistani activistā€™s biopic is titledĀ Gul Makai.

Amjad Khan has taken up the challenge to film Yousafzai's exemplary story. Backed by Anand Kumar, the film has signed TV actress Reem Sheikh to play Malala. It also features Om Puri, Divya Dutta (plays the role of Malalaā€™s mother) and Ragini Khanna,Ā reportsĀ The Quint.

ā€˜Gul Makaiā€™ was the pseudonym under which Malala had been blogging about her city

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