Malala Jokes With Elon Musk; Twitter Has A Field Day

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Twitter, once again, had a field day after Nobel laureate and activist Malala Yousafzai and tech mogul Elon Musk shared a series of hilarious Tweets.

Floated with a satirical take on Musk’s Tesla

The series of tweets began when a satirical website called ClickHole posted an article with the headline: ‘More bad press for Elon: The car Elon Musk launched into orbit has fallen back down to earth and crushed Malala Yousafzai’. The Twitter handle also shared the link on Twitter.

As per the parody, Musk’s Tesla car fell from the sky and crushed Malala to death. The satirical story goes on to say that the successful launch of Musk’s car into orbit will be forever linked to the tragic and untimely death of the 20-year-old activist who has inspired millions around the globe with her advocacy for peace and education.

Malala responded to the story on her Twitter handle, “Hello from the other side @elonmusk”. The story also seemed to amuse Musk, who shared its link and jokingly added, ”Hell of a week”. Musk, who tweeted on the story, replied to her, along with a ghost image greeting, “Hi @Malala!”.

The Oxford student cheekily said that she would keep the car and the Tesla founder quickly agreed tweeting, “Finders keepers”.

Malala’s brother, Khushal Yousafzai, too joined the conversation, telling Malala,“You are too funnyyy sometimes.” The Nobel Prize winner, to this, replied with a gif saying: ‘OBVIOUSLY’.

Reactions on Twitter:

As usual, Twitter burst into hilarious reactions. Twitterati not only appreciated Malala’s wit but also took a hilarious dig on Tesla.

Concerns have continued to grow around the safety of Tesla cars. Also, for quite some time now, the working conditions at the firm’s Fremont, California-based factory have been questioned. There have also been a number of reports calling into question the firm’s production goals around the Model 3 sedan.

However, the light Twitter exchange between Musk and Yousafzai seemed to lighten the controversy proving it to be a fun day for the Twitterati.

Malala, who is a student at Oxford University, UK, visited Pakistan earlier in March this year. It was her first trip there since she survived an assassination attempt by Taliban militants while returning from school in her native place, in 2012.

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