A Five-Year-Old M Lohita Sarakshi Swims Five Km Along Marina Beach

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Swimming for long distances in the sea is a difficult task for anyone; however this five-year-old from Chennai was able to swim across 5km in a span of just two hours. M Lohita Sarakshi swam from Foreshore Estate to Kannagi Statue on Wednesday.

Her mother, Vidya prayed for her daughter’s safety as her father blew the whistle at 6:40am. The five-year-old, studying in the second grade completed the distance at 8:37am.

Her mother, Vidya said, “She was too thin to attempt such a feat and I was worried. But it was her will power and inspiration from her father, who had won numerous medals in swimming competition that, got her through this.” But, it was her coach, K S Ilangovan who had noticed that she had the stamina to go through this.

Her father, Mahimaidoss is currently attached to the Seven Wells Police Station. He was confident that his daughter will be able to achieve this feat. Mahimaidoss is a professional swimmer himself. And so, he would take his daughter to the swimming pool since the time she was barely able to stand on her feet.

“She does not fear the water. My only worry was was her fear about giant fish. I was slightly anxious,” said her father.

However, for this little girl, it only took about a month of practice to gain the confidence to plunge into the sea and find her way to the end to complete the task successfully.

“She has won competitions in Theni and even achieved a record winning two gold and two silver medals. She wants to take up swimming as a career,” said her mother Vidya.

The moment Lohita completed the feat and walked out from the waves, she was greeted with garlands and sweets. The crowd celebrated and rushed towards her.

DGP Sylendra Babu was also present to encourage this remarkable swimmer. He said, “What she had done is no mean feat.”

Lohita has won hearts and has defied all age related stereotypes, by being able to swim 5km in the span of simply just two hours. The support of her parents and coach has also helped her achieve this feat. However, all credit must be given to Lohita because she could achieve this at the age of five.

She is surely an inspiration, and has shown that age is no barrier. We hope that she is able to achieve her dream and is able to succeed in whatever she takes up.

Pic credit: The Hindu

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Kavya Shah is an intern at SheThePeople.Tv

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A Five-Year-Old M Lohita Sarakshi Swims Five Km Along Marina Beach
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