Lucknow Girl Claims She Was Beaten Up By Mob In Cab Driver Incident: Report

Lucknow girl said that was beaten up badly by goons later. Unfortunately, there is no footage of that.

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Lucknow Girl Statement: Priyadarshini N. Yadav, the girl who was caught on camera assaulting a taxi driver in the presence of police and causing a massive traffic jam in Lucknow's Kesari Kheda traffic crossing, recently narrated her side of the story in an interview. Here's what she said.

In the ">interview, she mentioned that most of the vehicles were jumping the red signal at high speed and certain pedestrians including her were trying to cross the road. She tried to stop the car speeding towards her but it was about to hit her.

"He was operating phone while driving. He sped the car, broke the traffic signal and I thought he was about to hit me as well", she said adding that it is not the first time when this has happened with her.

For the last two years, there have been multiple such incidents whenever she steps out of her house for walking or running. She claimed that she had informed the UP Police on that day, they acted as if they trying to catch him but he fled away only to return later with a mob of 100 goons who allegedly hit her badly. Unfortunately, nobody recorded that. She said that the only CCTV footage that's being considered is the one where she is hitting the cab driver.

She also dismissed the fact that the cab driver had to bear a loss of Rs 60,000.

She claimed that she had wanted to file an FIR against him in the first place. Contrary to her expectations, an FIR was filed against her on charges of robbery and theft. She wants it to be repealed as she has done neither of that.

She mentioned that she was jobless at the moment. Her job is in Delhi but she is in her home town due to the pandemic. "I have done my Bsc, Msc and M.Phil with few years of research experience. I have been a lecturer at the University of Lucknow. In Delhi, I was working with a company that provides education to students internationally but I am in Lucknow now", she informed.


Megh Updates first shared the video on Twitter claiming that the woman allegedly damaged the driver’s phone without giving him any specific reasons. Soon after the video got viral, the hashtag #ArrestLucknowGirl started trending on microblogging site Twitter.

"I followed the traffic rules and stopped my car when the signal was red. The lady crossed the road and later came back to beat me. The phone I was carrying belonged to my owner. She broke it. ", the cab driver said in an ">interview.

The cab driver has threatened to end his life now, if Yadav is not arrested for assaulting him. "Now it's about my self-esteem. If that woman is not arrested, I will commit suicide today," he said, further adding that the woman not only assaulted him, broke his phone, but also did damage to his care. the driver has also accused the police of siding with the girl and putting him in lockup for a night following the alleged assault. According to him his car was confiscated by the police and released the next day, after a payment of rupees 10,ooo was made.

Another video of Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav has surfaced on social media where she can be spotted fighting with her neighbours over the colour of their wall paints.  “They have coloured their house black… Tell them to paint their house anti-black because international drones fly around here and because of them, the lives of all the colony residents are in danger,” she can be heard saying in Hindi. She is also seen pointing towards his house and alleging that he abused her. She also claimed former US President Barack Obama to be her father.

A crowd of people standing around Yadav can be seen in the video. Pointing to the man she accuses of having painted his house black, she also alleges he abused her, threatened to beat her and said Barack Obama, former US President, is her father. Read more about this here.


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