Actress Lindsay Lohan wore a hijab to London Modest Fashion Week. Her choice of clothing has sparked a lot of praise and of course, a lot of criticism on social media. Before the show, she also shared a video of a hijab stylist teaching her how to wear a hijab in the traditional Saudi style.

“Fashion doesn’t always have to be so naked and can be adventurous and still beautiful, with a strong group of women behind it,” said Lohan

Hawa Cosmetics, which produces halal products, also posted a picture of Lohan wearing the hijab.

“Oh my days! As if Lindsay Lohan came over to say hello to Team Hawa! She was so lovely and was saying how she’s into halal cosmetics and what she’s actually wearing on her face today was all halal!! Well all I can say is if it’s good enough for Lindsay Lohan, gurlll whatcha all waiting for?” they posted.

Lohan also revealed that she had been studying Islam but did not say whether she was considering converting to the religion. The actress has been hinting towards her interest in Islam for a while. She’s told the press that’s she’s read the Quran and has expressed interest in learning Arabic. In January 2018, she changed her Instagram bio to read “Salam Aleikum”,

Lohan said that she had recently been stopped at an airport for wearing the hijab and was forced to remove it. She said that the experience left her feeling racially profiled and in shock.

Here are reactions on social media:

Some people criticised Lohan and brought up the fact that in places like Iran, women are protesting against mandatory hijab. Some praised her for spreading a positive message about the hijab.

So what do you think? Lindsay with a hijab or no hijab?

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Picture Credit: Arab news

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