'Let Men Fast Too on Karwa Chauth'

In this modern age, the men too should fast for us say women

Neha Seth
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Karwa Chauth

It's Karwa Chauth today and millions of women across India and abroad are fasting for their husbands.


The festival of Karwa Chauth, which originally started in north India, celebrates the institution of marriage. According to tradition, a married woman is supposed to fast without food and water to pray for the long life of her husband.

Over the years, Karwa Chauth has gained huge popularity not just in India, but abroad too. Married women prepare for the event a month ahead of the fest, shopping for clothes, jewellery, etc, making it a happy time for vendors as well.

The mythological tale associated with the festival speaks of princess Veeravati who was tricked by her brothers to break a fast which resulted in the death of her husband. She then met Lord Shiva and Parvati who told her that if she faithfully keeps the fast of Karwa Chauth and breaks it only after the moon rises, her husband will awaken from death and they could live happily ever after.

We took the initiative of asking some 21st century married working women about their take on Karwa Chauth:

“I love the festival of Karwa Chauth. There is no other day when we actually celebrate marriage, but yes it comes at a price. I can no longer stay without food and water for so long on a working day. But if it was a holiday, then why not?” designer Kanchi Kaul of Paridhan told SheThePeople.

“I fast as I definitely want my husband to believe that I love him. But in this modern age, the men too should fast for us. Gone are the days when only men went out to work. I work the whole day without water but yes it will be fun to see my husband pay a little homage to me too on Karwa Chauth,” said Riya Gupta, a lawyer at Calcutta High Court.

Well ladies, looks like it is going to be a long long day for you all because as the tradition goes, the moon takes it own sweet time to come out on Karwa Chauth!


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