Kshama Bindu, Woman Who Married Herself, Celebrates First Anniversary

Kshama Bindu posted a compilation of her wedding pictures including video clips from her trips, birthday celebration and her first karwa chauth as well to mark her first anniversary

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Sologamy For Kshama Bindu
Last year, Gujarat's Kshama Bindu set an example for sologamy in India by becoming the first woman to marry herself. With proper Hindu rituals, Bindu got married to herself and recently she celebrated her first wedding anniversary.

When Kshama Bindu married herself in 2022, there were many people who criticised her and trolled her as they called it unnecessary. However, there were also people who supported her decision as it was her choice. She got married to herself on June 8 last year and her wedding included all Hindu rituals like haldi, mehendi, phere and sindoor daan.

This year, the digital creator celebrated her 1st wedding anniversary as she posted a video on her social media and people congratulated her on her special day.

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Kshama Bindu Wedding Anniversary


Bindu posted a compilation of her wedding pictures on Thursday and wrote, 'Happy 1st Anniversary'. The video included video clips from her trips, birthday celebration and her first karwa chauth as well. Many people congratulated her in the comments and wrote good wishes for her.

The Vadodara resident married herself in an intimate ceremony at her Vadodara home last year that was attended by just 10 of her close friends and relatives. She donned a beautiful red lehenga along with chura, maang teeka and nath. Last year, she celebrated her first karwa chauth by fasting for herself and was dressed up in a saree for worshipping the moon at night.

Bindu identifies as bisexual and had earlier shared that her mother gave her consent to her sologamy. She said that when the priest and temple got to know that she was marrying herself, they refused to do the rituals and allow her to get married in the temple. Hence, she decided to get married at home. Her first year married to herself has been great as she constantly posts about her adventures and experiences on her social media.

There have been many women who have married themselves like Sao Paulo's Cris Galera who married herself in September 2021 but got divorced after three months because she met someone else. An influencer Sofi Maure married herself in February this year but got divorced just 24-hours later.

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