Kshama Bindu Is Now A Happily Married Woman, She Is Her Own Life Partner

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A Gujarat woman, Kshama Bindu married herself with full gusto on June 8. This wedding is perhaps India’s first sologamy wedding. Ever since the announcement, Bindu had gone viral on social media for her unique display of self-love. From politicians’ crass remarks and priests’ refusal to carry out the ceremony, obstacles seemed to never end but Bindu finally made it happen and married her soulmate, herself.

“I am very happy to finally be a married woman,” Kshama Bindu said after the marriage ceremony on Wednesday. Kshama Bindu who was all set to marry herself on June 11, had to prepone her wedding as all hell broke loose after her self wedding announcement. Now a happily married bride, she donned a red lehenga, with Mangalsutra.

In Gotri, Kshama Bindu married herself in a 40 min long ceremony complete with rituals, including the varmala, phera, and others. Another major advantage as revealed by the bride was that she wouldn’t have to leave her house after the wedding. She said, “It had to be a hush-hush affair as only 10 of my friends and colleagues attended the wedding”

Kshama Bindu Wedding

Symbolic of self-love, Kshama Bindu wrote in her Mehendi, “Just a girl who cared to try” marking the first sologamy wedding in India. She shared that it was all worth it in the end, as she danced away to London Thumakda. Receiving serious backlash on her decision to marry herself, the priest had backed out and the wedding venue, a temple, was no longer available to Kshama Bindu. Nothing stopped her as she said, “Mandir nahi toh koi baat nahi, shaadi toh mai karke rahungi. (Temple or no temple, I will marry)

She has finally said her vows and has married herself, on Wednesday June 8, 2022. “I dedicated the rituals to myself,” said the bride as she went on to ink her palms with the Mehendi. “Not having a groom cannot stop me from becoming a bride. Sologamy is my gesture of self-love. I want to get married and be a bride. I have been dreaming about my wedding day since I was a little girl. I want to normalise sologamy.” Bindu said.

Women like Kshama Bindu have started finding the prince charming in themselves. While we all are on different self-love journeys, our goals might be the same. Sologamy need not be the goal we are seeking but seeking self-love in everything that we do, now that is the dream.

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